HUSH-HUSH x 2727 California – March 21, April 18, May 30, June 13, and June 27

DREAM BODIES Festival – April 25-28, 2019 with events at HIT Gallery, 2727 California, the Stud, the Dildo Factory, and more


#14, HUSH-HUSH x Yum Yum Club, April 2018: Jose Abad, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Gabriel Christian, Randy Reyes, Europa Grace + Alley Wilde, and Rihanna Wintour

HUSH-HUSH Residency at HIT Gallery, March and April 2018: PRICE, Thomas Dupal, Julius Smack, Waxy Tomb, Monique Jenkinson, Brittany Newell, Jewish Community Center, Nicole Gertne, Kyle DeMedio, Ruairí Ó’Donnabháin and Mica Sigourney, Chani Bockwinkel and Mara Poliak with Cookie Harrist, Stephanie Hewett, and Silk Worm

#13, March 2018: Boy Young, Yves St. Croissant, Brittany Newell, Silk Worm, and Lilly Pfalzer

#12, February 2018: 2-22 with Piano Rain, Zedgar Infiniti, Baylee, and Juancy

#11, January 2018: Bookworm Edition with Brittany Newell, Ismael Fofana, Ryan Tacata, and Jewish Community Center with Buddha Duhh

#10, December 2017: AH MER AH SU (DJ set), Syrinx, and SupperBloom

#9, November 2017: Club Lonely DJs, Fyne Artist, BBY Shamu, God’s Little Princess, Davia Spain, Nicki Jizz, Silk Worm, Britney Smearz, and VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!

#8, October 2017: Jillian Gnarling, Faluda Islam, Fifi Rosewater, and Dingbat Superminx

Bookworm Edition for Lit Crawl, October 2017: James Fleming, Gabriel Christian, God’s Little Princess, Mica Sigourney, Silk Worm, and Brittany Newell

#7, September 2017: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Eartha Kunt, Juancy Matos, God’s Little Princess, Anya Dross, Silk Worm, and Brintini Weenie

#6, July 2017: Gerl Props, Lucy Fleur, Arlen Levy, Kochina Rude, and Meredeath

#5, June 2017: Authentically Plastic, 1, Jealousy, Waxy Tomb, and Moon Baby

#4, May 2017: Eartha Kunt, Inger S, Aria Rostami, and Tyler Holmes’ Merry Band of Lesbians

#3, April 2017: Brittany Newell, Character God, Julius Smack, Mica Sigourney, and Gerl Props

#2, March 2017: Beast Nest, Mica Sigourney, Gerl Props, and Inger S

#1, February 2017: Jasmine Infiniti, Fiera, Creighton Baxter, and Inger S


Photography by Gabby Gamboa and Marissa Patrice Leitman.